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Gloucestershire Barn Owl

Barn owls are an indicator species, signalling the health of ecosystems and the biodiversity of species within these. With our changing landscape, barn owl numbers have declined (by 70% since 1930’s). Intensive agriculture, expanding road systems, loss of hedgerows and rough grassland have all led to a loss of habitat and food supply. They are now legally protected against disturbance. Areas of rough grassland are needed to sustain vole-rich habitats for these birds to survive. Barn owls are part of the living landscape of Gloucestershire and its natural heritage. I have painted the county of Gloucestershire within this owl. The county border and the River Severn are hand painted in gold medium forming part of the upper wing.

Gloucestershire Barn Owl

  • 40 x 50 cm mounted ready to frame

    Giclee fine art print on 280gsm archival paper.

    Each print has been finished with hand painted gold medium.

    Mount and fine art paper are FSC certified.

    All inks are archival and of highest lightfastness (permanence).

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