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Farne Islands Puffin


This limited edition (of 75) fine art print is finished with hand painted silver medium along the coastline represented within the artwork. The Farne Islands are also hand painted in silver medium. depending on where the viewer stands, or the light of day, the 'map' will either be subtle or illuminated.


This group of islands sit off the coast of Northumberland and they provide a unique haven for wildlife. Puffins are the Farne Islands most iconic bird species. The Holy Island of Lindisfarne is the largest in the archipelago and is a tidal island, part of the living landscape of this nature rich area. The coastline is hand painted with silver medium and forms the line of his folded wing, between his black and white feathers. The Islands are also hand painted in silver within the black wing.


40 x 50cm mounted ready to frame.

Fine art print on acid free paper using museum grade inks with fade resistant qualities.

Finished with hand painted metallic medium.


Farne Islands Puffin

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